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When Should One Get Treatment for Wood Borers in their Premises

The crucial stratagem prior to opting for a pest control management is to find out if there is an active wood borer infestation

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If you are seeing white and non-curdy powder on and around the wood, that most likely indicates an active infestation.

Yellow clumpy powder is a sign of an old infestation. The time the holes are coming to light, it is foreseeable the wood borers have already evolved into adults and left the wood.

If the wood borers have left the wood, you can either replace the wood or can always seal the wood with a binder.

If there is an active infestation, there will be a need to cure the wood with a borate based product to kill the worms.

What to Expect From Zero Pest Solutions

At Zero Pest Solution, our dexterous licensed personnel with the know-how knowledge of the custom and expectancy of wood borer ensure you an effective safeguarding against wood borers in order to provide the prodigious wood borer pest control services in the region of Noida. The following MO is introduced by our personnel to help you do away with the lamentable creatures:

Collaboration with the clients and apportionment of duties in pest management is pivotal.

Tutelage to enforce better home economics in order to get rid of wood borer residing sites and exhortation on keeping the house windows, doors, etc. insect free.

Appropriate disposal of garbage including sanitation to narrow the infestation.

Employment of precise treatment to get rid of wood borers.

wood borer control services

Our experts also use a wood borer pest control chemical injection to treat the affected sites in order to demolish the underlying etiology of the wood borers.

We at Zero Pest Solution, opt for a wood borer pest control product that is borate-based for your wood borer treatment. Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, or borate, amalgamates oxygen and boron to create a chemical composition that can be utilized to treat as well as prevent pests from destroying wood.

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