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Rats can cause a great vandalization as the teeth of rodents continue to grow over their lifespan. They need to nibble on hard substances such as plastics, insulated material, and electric wiring, which can ultimately lead to risk of short circuits and fires. Into the bargain, they transmit quite a lot of vicious diseases including Salmonella, tape worms, Leptospirosis (Weil's disease), and even Tuberculosis. Rats cause a lot of taint. One single rat equals to more than 25000 droppings per year, which can contain allergens that can cause allergic reactions. We at Zero Pest Solutions are hot to trot to get along with you in order to help you get rid of the rodents damaging your exquisite assets. Our expert Rodent pest control services provided at your doorstep include the streamline approach as we believe indulging in continuous exploring, testing, and integrating the mode management techniques into our reduced-risk pest management strategy.

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When Should One Get Treatment for Rodents in their Premises

Scrutinize rodent droppings around the food, kitchen corners, inside cabinets, or under sinks. Also, scan for nesting material such as shredded paper or fabric. If you perceive any of those, our experts at Zero Pest Solutions, will succour your problem and will take over the process.

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We, Zero Pest Solutions, proffer rodent control services . Improbable to other DIY methods, our approach is long lasting and effective. Using traps instead of toxic poisons brings out a visual confirmation of an apprehended rodent. The second best alternative includes a successful rodenticide treatment, which necessitate feedings of poison, which ultimately increases the plausibility of unintended exposure to natural critters. We also seal up the cracks and gaps to avoid possible infestations in the future.

We will treat the perimeters of your property with the foremost techniques and the use of judicious methods available with a hassle-free service. There will be no need to vacate your property as the treatment adopted by Zero Pest Solutions, is completely safe and non-toxic for humans.

We will provide the non-toxic services to keep you and your house in order to avoid poisoning your pets or children, filling in each and every cracks and gaps.

We will treat the interior of your house and will instate pest monitors in the critical areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and utility areas.

We always do provide a detailed report of the specialized services offered and provide recommendations regarding the protective measures to be followed going forth.

We always stay in touch with our follow up visits and will recognize any unanticipated events and needs.

Services for Commercial Premises

For businesses or commercial properties, rodents are proven to be jeopardy. Our experts at Zero Pest Solutions, propose rodenticides technique that lay hold of rodents at all stages of its lifespan. It also ensures the safety and hygiene standards, making it proficient for commercial purposes.

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