Pre Construction Termite Treament

Termites also known as the 'White Ants' cannot go unperceived. Their entire colony, including male and female, can cause utter despoliation in your home. They can devour your wooden furniture or any other household artefacts. They can devastate anything and everything out in their way. In order to avoid any substandard infestation, the Zero Pest Solutions, Noida are a call away from your reach. We, at Zero Pest Solutions, offer you the leading pre construction termite pest control treatment with the most equitable cost at your doorstep. Our pre construction termite pest control experts will not only investigate and apprehend the genesis of any Infestation in your property, but will also use the most prudent preventive procedure and plans to terminate them from reappearing to your house.

Pre-Construction Termite Pest Control Process

Termite control treatment in pre-construction stages plays a vital role in the prevention of termites. It can include multiple stratagems that must be done to ensure a termite-free construction. Ministration of soil before any slab deployment with pre construction termite treatment product or chemical such as insecticides is the utmost customary technique of termite treatment. It forms a chemical barricade between the ground slab and masonry that will safeguard the building from the reach of insects. The pre construction termite treatment chemical treatment can be instituted in the following ways:

Treating the base and sides of a trough with chemical products prior to the initiation of footing work.

Making craters in the topsoil and fill them with chemical products where the slabs will be built.

Using the chemicals where walls and floors decussate.

Treating the perimetry of the construction by digging holes filled with chemicals encompassing the structure.

Filling the realm with chemical products in pipe beddings to assure the subsequent functioning of the piping.

Using précised anti-termite chemicals to treat the area of the buildings where installation of wooden products is made such as cabinets, doors, etc.

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Albeit taking all the measurements, you can perform these elementary steps to ensure that your area remains free of termites

Keeping drains and gutters clean to avoid the leakage, making sure that there are no blocked lines, no broken pipes nor filtration with any excess moisture in and around them.

Abolishing all sources of moisture, not leaving unattended areas where there is a high concentration of humidity and cleansing those areas sporadically.

Applying chemicals instantly you detect areas where the termites are mustering.

Removing the wooden articles that have had the existence of moisture or have been in proximity of water for a prolonged time.

Filling in junctions or voids.

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